• The Advantech team has remained focused on this project. They have provided valuable insights, executed their roles well and met the project expectations.

    Yoko Konishi
    Yoko Konishi Project Manager - EAC One Stop Border Post proposal January 2016
  • Advantech has been very professional in delivering the Electronic Single Window Strategy for EAC partner statements. The strategy has been adopted and will now be implemented to support EACT partner states in trade facilitation

    Kenneth Bagamuhunda
    Kenneth Bagamuhunda Director, EAC Customs Directorate February 2018
  • Advantech has collaborated to provide excellent technical assistance for grantees of the Global Fund and has built extensive networks in the development sector technical assistance arena. With these five-year partnerships with GMS, Advantech has strengthened its capacity to continue providing technical support to the Global Fund Secretariat, other technical support agencies and Global Fund beneficiaries.

    Catherine Severo
    Catherine Severo GMS Project Director Sep 2017
  • We wish to thank the Advantech team for being very diligent with their work on end-term evaluation of RST-ESA. You faced challenges in meeting stakeholders in the 12 countries of these study. The fact that you eventually met all stakeholders points to high level of patience and diligence. We thank you again.

    Pierre Somse
    Pierre Somse Deputy Regional Director, UNAIDS, RST ESA March 2017
  • Advantech demonstrated that they understand good project management and project delivery to meeting clients expectations.

    Wiebe Boer
    Wiebe Boer Associate Director - Rockefeller Foundation June 2011
  • Advantech's expertise in Monitoring and Evaluation is unparalleled. They have extensive knowledge in developing (iMlango) M&E plans and efficient methods of team mobilizations, data collection, analysis and reporting.

    Adam Smith
    Adam Smith Managing Director - sQuid UK November 2015
  • Advantech Consulting delivered a highly professional piece of work in ICT4Ag solutions in Africa. The ease with which they got along with stakeholders in Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana is a pointer to their high level of professionalism

    Hedwig Siewertsen
    Hedwig Siewertsen Team Leader– FISFAP, AGRA August 2016