British Chamber of Commerce Kenya
Provide a range of services including:
  • an open forum for the free exchange of ideas, contacts, advice and services
  • information and services, in particular regarding the setting up of businesses and conducting operations in Kenya and regionally
  • a forum for networking and business events
Eastern Africa Association
Aims to facilitate successful participation in the economic development of Eastern Africa by member companies. Acts as a channel of communication between Members, Governments, and other relevant agencies, seeking to:
  • Represent and sustain existing foreign private investment in the region
  • Co-operate with governments in promoting new foreign private investment
  • Assist our membership in the successful conduct of their business
  • Provide authoritative information on the political & economic situations in the countries covered
American Chamber of Commerce Kenya
The key objectives of the Chamber include:
  • Promote trade, commerce and investment between the USA and Kenya
  • Provide a forum in which American Business people and other relevant business people in Kenya can identify and discuss common areas regarding their commercial interests in Kenya
  • Creation of solid position points in order to aggressively advocate for members' issues to the Kenyan government
  • Promote a vibrant economy, while protecting and advancing the interests of our members, and the community as a whole
Business Ireland Kenya
Business Ireland Kenya is an association designed to facilitate business networking opportunities for its membership and provide a platform and support structure to members to share information on business experiences, local context and knowledge, opportunities, challenges, lessons learnt, understanding of Kenya’s evolving statutory and regulatory environment and implications of doing business in Kenya.
The objectives of the Business Ireland Kenya Network are:
• To provide networking opportunities for BIK members through the convening of regular meetings
• To be better informed of the business environment and jointly address bottlenecks to doing business in Kenya and the wider region
• To provide contacts and information that can be of use to BIK
• To establish links with similar business networks in Kenya
Advantech is a partner of ICA which is a network of management consulting firms globally that seeks to jointly pursue business opportunities.
German Business Association
The Germany Business Association is a business association for German companies, institutions, foundations or Kenyan companies and individuals with commercial or other links with Germany. The GBA's objectives are
• To meet, discuss, advice on and generally attempt to resolve problems and issues affecting members, their businesses and their commercial and business activities with regard to Kenya and neighboring countries.
• To publicize and inform members of any relevant business and commercial trends and Government measures likely to be of interest to its members
• To meet with, on behalf of members, Government departments, ministries and relevant Kenyan business organizations, to give voice to member’s suggestions and concerns towards the improvement of both the public, private and NGO sectors, in Kenya and East Africa.