Work Profile Uganda


AGRA contracted Advantech to establish cost effective, high impact ICT4Ag approaches that will ensure more farmers are aware and have more access to affordable high yielding technologies and structured markets.
Ministry of Local Government
As part of the Decentralisation of the Local Government Services, the Ministry of Local Government has engaged Advantech Consulting to provide long term Technical Assistance in deployment of the Local Government Information and Communication System (LOGICs). This is a three-year engagement.
Ministry of Public Service
As part of service improvement for the public sector, the government of Uganda has embarked on development of public service sector strategic plan and a review of the public service reform programme strategy. Advantech has been retained to provide technical input in the review of ICT initiatives for the government and a plan to guide adoption of technology to facilitate e-government.
Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development
Advantech was contracted to undertake a review of the skills in the Ministry in readiness for implementation of the Integrated Financial Management System. We proposed the setting up of a centre of excellence to provide implementation support and transfer skills to ministry staff for post implementation support. Advantech provided project management and quality assurance for the implementation of Oracle suite of applications for the IFMIS. As part of the project on capacity development for customs administration in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Advantech consulting has partnered with JICA to provide expert input in the development of a Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) and a Cargo Control System( CCS) integrated to ASYCUDA ++ and SIMBA. The RTMS and CCS will facilitate border operations for the countries in the East African community.

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