Work Profile Rwanda


AGRA contracted Advantech to establish cost effective, high impact ICT4Ag approaches that will ensure more farmers are aware and have more access to affordable high yielding technologies and structured markets.
Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources
MINAGRI received funds from the World Bank through the Rural Sector Support Program (RSSP) to modernize it information technology infrastructure. Part of this modernization was to develop a strategy, which would form a basis for future investments in IT. Advantech carried out this assignment for MINAGRI.
ActionAid International
Advantech reviewed the financial systems of action Aid to highlight areas that requirement improvement. These areas included functionality and systems controls.
One Stop Border Post (OSBP)
As part of the project on capacity development for customs administration in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Advantech consulting has partnered with JICA to provide expert input in the development of a Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) and a Cargo Control System (CCS) integrated to ASYCUDA ++ and SIMBA. The RTMS and CCS will facilitate border operations for the countries in the East African community.
Great Lakes Initiative on AIDS (GLIA)
Advantech provided business process and ICT expertise to GLIA to improve financial, human resource and procurement process and appropriate ICTs.

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