Work Profile Nigeria


AGRA contracted Advantech to establish cost effective, high impact ICT4Ag approaches that will ensure more farmers are aware and have more access to affordable high yielding technologies and structured markets.
Central Bank of Nigeria
Advantech provided resources to a consortium that developed the IT strategy for Central Bank of Nigeria who were subsequently involved in Project managing implementation of an IT system to manage the Bank reserves and the relationship with investors in Government paper.
Global Fund/Grant Management Solutions
Advantech supported the Ministry of Health in grant making for revision of budgets and quantifications of pharmaceuticals. Advantech was contracted as part of a consortium by Ministry of Health as the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM), to provide financial management technical support and assistance to the ministry in grant application and implementation.
Advantech as a GMS regional partner is providing expertise in a Global Fund (GF) project working with GF TB, HIV and Malaria in grant making by assisting them to response to TRP and GAC1 comments from GF and prepare them to have their grants approved.

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