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AGRA contracted Advantech to establish cost effective, high impact ICT4Ag approaches that will ensure more farmers are aware and have more access to affordable high yielding technologies and structured markets.
National Aids Control Council (NACC)
Advantech has been subcontracted to review the current financial management systems and recommend ways of enhancing functionality of the systems to be in line with donor reporting requirements. Our resources also provided input in a recent staff induction programme by facilitating a session on best practice in ICT selection and implementation.
Ministry of Finance 
Advantech was retained by the Ministry of Finance to develop an IT policy and strategy for the Internal Audit department as well as document requirements for CAATs software for the department.
Ministry of Health
Advantech was contracted to develop a strategy and design and develop a voucher tracking system that would be used to electronically track Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIEs) up to district level.
Ministries of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development, Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife, Water Resources Management and Irrigation
As part of the Civil Service Performance Improvement, Advantech developed strategic plans for the four ministries.
Ministry of Local Government, Kenya Local Government Reform Project (KLGRP)
With funding from the European Union, Advantech provided consulting input in business process re-engineering for financial management for local authorities across Kenya. The aim was to implement LAIFOMS to streamline the financial processes.
Ministry of Local Government, Municipal Council of Kisumu – Kisumu Urban Project
Advantech is a consortium partner in this project whose objectives are to modernization of public policies through enhancement of the municipal management systems in order to improve public service delivery; (improve the municipal management systems by developing effective public policy), improve land management systems through
spatial planning and slum upgrading and rehabilitation and creation of public facilities, urban infrastructure (improvement of urban infrastructure and services). Advantech is providing technical input in the conceptualization and implementation of ICT systems.
Ministry of Lands and Housing
With funding from SIDA, Advantech carried out a business process and IT skills review for use of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) by the ministry and develop a plan for further utilisation of IFMIS as well as skills development by the ministry.
Ministry of Education 
Advantech is providing Monitoring and Evaluation technical input in this three year project funded by DfID under the Girl Education Challenge (GEC) programme. The project entails affording marginalized girls in public primary schools a chance to attend and complete school through offering e-learning and a monthly stipend to the parents to keep the girls in school. It is a 24 months’ project covering three counties in Kenya. Advantech is providing electronic data management and assurance on data through base-line, mid-line and end-line household and education standards surveys as well as termly surveys to determine performance. As part of the project on capacity development for customs administration in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, Advantech consulting has partnered with JICA to provide expert input in the development of a Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) and a Cargo Control System( CCS) integrated to ASYCUDA ++ and SIMBA. The RTMS and CCS will facilitate border operations for the countries in the East African community. Advantech carried out an IT assessment and audit of Central Bank of Kenya’s (CBK) treasury and debit instruments (bills and bonds) IT systems with the aim of optimizing their performance

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