Thought leadership

Original concepts

At Advantech, we take pride in our experience as having been able to develop original concepts and solutions to solve unique problems for the private and public sector.

Our process to execute successful concept development involves an intricate development process that follows the basic principles of research and development to offer irreplaceable solutions to organizations presenting a vast array of needs.

This stems from analysing and studying organizational or business domains, processes or systems, assessing their business models, identifying the need for change, initiating and actualizing the change so as to maximize value to the stakeholders by integrating them with technology.

Research and development

Advantech invest in research ad development on topical issues in areas such as cross border trade facilitation, health systems strengthening, health facilities assessments, best practice e-learning for marginalized communities among others.

Through our research and development, we are able to build and expand our knowledge in fields where we have experience as well as discovering unchartered territories. This offers us insights into new domains and platforms to engage development partners and peers as well as collaborate in fashioning and developing unprecedented solutions to conventional processes as well as optimizing business and programmatic processes.


FHI 360
FHI 360
As part of customs modernization acrossAfrica,JICA has provided R&D funding for the development of a RealTime Monitoring System (RTMS) and a Cargo Control System( CCS) integrated to various customs IT systems across African revenue authorities such as ASYCUDA ++ and SIMBA.The RTMS and CCS will facilitate One Stop Border Post (OSBP) operations for African countries in the various regional trading blocs such as East African community, COMESA and SADC.
Farm and Trade Easy is a mobile application intended at improving the competitiveness of farmers hence increasing the returns generated from their efforts; their products will attract high market prices.
With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and in collaboration with the Academy for Educational development, we have developed www. a monitoring and evaluation application for donors and NGOs and all organizations in the development sector.