Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Advantech offers unparalleled procurement and supply chain management consulting transforming our client’s procurement function to optimize supply chain business processes and deliver large-scale cost reductions to their businesses.

Our team of consultants helps unlock the potential savings that give clients a competitive advantage through innovative PSM approaches that create incomparable results.

We understand that PSM activities are fundamental to program performance in the three thematic areas we focus on: health, education and agriculture. Therefore, we aim to help attain cost efficiencies in PSM activities; support the timely procurement of quality-assured products in adequate quantities; ensure the reliability and security of distribution systems; and enable the monitoring of all PSM activities.

Our client-tailored PSM consulting services cover all facets of procurement and supply chain management and include:

  • PSM planning, forecasting and risk assessment
  • Procurement transformation
  • Quantification and budgeting
  • Supply chain inventory optimization
  • PSM strategy development and execution
  • PSM system assessments
  • PSM systems strengthening
  • Capacity building and providing technical assistance
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Supply chain monitoring and evaluation
  • Business process improvement
  • Stock control, monitoring, warehousing and distribution
  • Training on inventory management
  • Logistics management


FHI 360
FHI 360
Advantech supported the Ministry of Health of Malawi in grant making for revision of budgets and quantifications and budgets alignment for pharmaceuticals
Advantech supported the TB and Malaria grants for Nigeria in quantifications and budgets during grant making.
Advantech supported the TB and Malaria grants for Ghana in quantifications and budgets during grant making.